Deerpath Dairy Goats


    I currently offer stud services for Alpine, LaMancha, Nubian, and Toggenburg.  .I have bucks for Nubians and LaManchas that I am able to rent out for longer periods of time, since you would be responsible for the care of the buck the fees for doing this are lower per animal.  Not all of my LaMancha or Nubian bucks are available all the time and I reserve the right to withhold a buck from use on outside does. 

    I also have my bucks collected and will have semen for sale in the future on some of the them.  Mainly it will be my Nubians and LaManchas I will only be offering semen for sale on my website or in person.  I usually will only have semen available from my top bucks and after they have been collected a second time so that I can have a large enough amount on them in case something were to happen to that animal.  I have bio-genics do the collecting each fall.





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